Window Shutter Automation

Our shutter control system are Australian made product for Australian condition. The system is powered by long life low voltage power supply which is energy efficient and is phasing out the manual roller shutters with straps and winders.

The advantages of our low voltage roller shutter control system are:

  • Easy to use simple single touch operation
  • As it is low voltage, an electrician is not required – all you need is a powerpoint to charge the  controller
  • No more broken straps
  • Tamper proof operation for young children
  • Will operate even in cases of power failure
  • Long term performance and reliability
  • Energy Efficient

Window shutters are becoming a popular feature in Australian homes.  They come in different design, styles and colours for different application and condition.  The benefits that window shutters can offer:

  • Increased Security

Installing window shutters is one of the most effective ways of securing your home.  The security are usually made of strong and durable material that is hard to temper with.  With window shutters install, it would requires time and effort to try to open the window shutters from the outside if it is properly locked.  This ensures that people cannot get access to your home through doors and windows with the shutter installed.  In addition, the sight of the shutters will discourage the would-be burglar or anyone from attempting to break in.

  • More Privacy

Window shutters allows you to control the privacy level in your home/business at any time.  When rolled down, the shutters can prevent people from getting a glimpse of the inside of your property.  If privacy is a priority for you than window shutter is the solution.

  • Insulation

Window shutters can block noise from entering the house and also block noise inside the house from getting outside.  Depending on the shutters, it can block up to approximately 60% of the noise coming in and out.  This would be significant if you are living in a noisy areas such as main roads, near airports, busy highways or even noisy neighbours.

  • Light Control and Extra Shade

The window shutters can be used to control the amount of light entering a room.  You have the option of blocking of up to 100% of the lights that enters the room by closing the shutters.  This would be ideal for movie rooms, photography studio etc.  This will also allows you to get peaceful rest during the day if you are one of those who work night shifts.  In some environment, the sun is shining bright outside and the sunshine gets into your house through openings facing the sun.  This can create an uncomfortable feeling and can also lead to fading of furniture and carpets.  Window shutters can reduce and prevent all these by blocking the sun and providing shade to the house.

  • Adds Value

By installing window shutters it can increase the value of your property.  The window shutters will improve the aesthetics of the house and can attract more potential clients wanting to buy or rent properties.

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